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Our Story

From humble beginnings to changing the face of the handrail industry.

Family Values | Business Prowess

A united family team expertly trained to provide quality crafted handrails beyond compare.

Crafted Handrails London - Image of handrail at Kensington Palace
Our team has developed the skills and experience required to craft and fit handrails and staircases. Since 1978, Andrew and the team have built up a sterling reputation in the industry as hard-working, trustworthy, and the go-to guys for handrails.

The Crafted Handrails team is always innovating as seen by the use of modern technology and computer engineering to design wonderful handrails and staircases.

Our family team all shares the same philosophy of creativity should only be matched by enduring quality. By displaying this the team has enjoyed being called upon by corporate companies, Princes, Sultans, the Queen, and many business professionals.

The Team Behind the Handrails

Meet our dedicated, skilled, and hard-working team.

Each member of the Crafted Handrails team brings a unique skillset and knowledge to the world of handrails. By working closely together, we have developed an organised and efficient approach to both residential and commercial work.

Our management team strives to keep up with the construction industry’s changing landscape through acquiring new skills and utilising the latest technology.

On most projects, you will meet our committed and down to earth managers:
  • Andrew – Managing Director

    Darren – Contractor Manager

    Luke – Surveyor & Designer

‘‘Andrews team have time and time again, proven themselves to be innovative, professional and extremely thorough.’’

Ian Dicker, Littlehampton Welding

‘‘We have worked with Crafted Handrails on numerous projects over a number of years and on each occasion they have been reliable, accurate and cost-effective.’’

SR Elms, CF Fabrications Ltd

‘‘Crafted Handrails are an honest, reliable company and to be quite honest, an absolute pleasure to do business with on any project. Their flexible nature helps tremendously.’’

Lee Warren

What to Expect From Crafted Handrails

Simply put, we provide first-class service, an unparalleled work ethic, and exceptional results.

Clear Communication

After a brief phone conversation, we meet the client and discuss their vision and requirements.

Open Planning

Throughout the process the client is made well aware of the plans and is regularly updated on progress.

Meet Your Needs

We do our best to meet the financial needs, aesthetic vision, and desired timeframe of each individual client.

Technologically Advanced

The latest 3-D technology is used to scan, design, and showcase your new project, so you can see exactly what we will do.